Why writing is important and how to write more by means of Fastjot 

In 2008, just after university, I wrote in my blog about an idea. This led to the creation of a political party of 300 members. Not only did I learn a lot from the experience, but from the importance of writing. 
I believe that the single most important habit we can have to foster our own learning and creativity is writing — even if at the beginning it's just small notes. 
Why is writing important? 

Writing fosters learning and creativity 

  • We remember what we write, it helps to connect ideas, etc 

Writing brings clarity 

  • If we don't write something, the idea is probably not as clear as we thought and we might not be able to explain it to someone else. 

Writing saves time 

  • If someone asks you something and you write a post or some notes, next time someone asks you that, you can send them the link. And that leads to save time and then having deeper conversations with friends — and meeting new people when your ideas are shared online. 
If you are interested in writing more (in any language), even if you don't want to commit to write long pieces, I'm looking for beta-testers of Fastjot. 
How does Fastjot work? 
  • When you read, learn or think about something, write a small note on Fastjot. People who follow you can read it. This is like Twitter. 
  • However, you can edit/extend the note as long as you wish, at the beginning or at any time later. 
  • When some notes are long enough, add the tag  #Post  — besides any other relevant links or tags. Also, each paragraph is a note on its own with its own URL and can be linked and tagged, leading into a social graph notes. 
If you would like to beta-test Fastjot, please ask me an invite by leaving a comment here or direct message. Looking forward to reading your notes, from ideas to tackle climate change and advice for entrepreneurs to cooking recipes! 
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