Reward idea tinkerers and promoters 

What if we created the right incentives to publish, promote and build upon ideas?  AI  and  Blockchain  might make this feasible at scale. 
The single most important reason why prosperity spreads is the transmission of technologies and the ideas underlying them — Jeffrey Sachs, The End of Poverty 
When a book is sold, the author could choose to give a small percentage of the profits to a foundation. Same with NFTs of blog posts, etc. 
This foundation would then distribute it to: 
  • Those who spread the article, book or scientific paper. This is the main reason why many authors would donate a percentage of their income — to spread their work. 
  • It would also reward the original authors & promoters of the key ideas of the book. 
For example, if I publish a book of Wikipedia, every new sale of my book would reward: 
  • The promoters of my book. 
  • The founders & main contributors and promoters of Wikipedia — and/or to Wikimedia foundation. 


Writers would share ideas earlier 

At the moment, writers don't have incentives to share ideas until they publish a book. Because they want readers to buy their books. 
Similarly, researchers don't publish their notes because they need to publish original scientific papers. 
This leads to brilliant ideas being in notebooks for years — even centuries in the case of Leonardo da Vinci. 

New job: tinkerer of ideas 

Many of the jobs of the future are not invented yet 
Most people are not interested in being book writers or researchers. But many of us like to discuss how to solve big and small problems. We currently do it in person or in social media. But the latter focuses and rewards engagement instead of understanding and progress. 

Ideas would spread faster 

As we would reward those who spread good ideas, more good ideas would spread. 
Arthur C. Clark ideated a global positioning system before the GPS. But the inventors of the GPS didn't know about Clark's idea:  How the GPS was invented  Someone could have built a GPS earlier if the proper incentives were in place. 

More content would be open 

If we reward original ideas and their promotion, more content would be accessible to all. 

How to start? 

The foundation could start crowdsourced like  Wikipedia . Then AI-assisted and finally automated. 
It would need to identify: 
- The key ideas of a post/book/etc. 
- The original source/s 
- They key contributors & promoters 
To sum up, like the cases of da Vinci and Clark, the solutions to many of the world's problems are out there. If we build the right incentives in place, novel ideas would spread and build upon faster. 
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