Note-taking in the open 

However, many of our ideas might not seem insightful enough and we would never complete or publish them. For example,  Arthur C. Clark  ideated a global positioning system like the  GPS  but didn't think it was worth it to publish it. Or  Leonardo Da Vinci  made many new discoveries which were lost for centuries and had to be re-discovered because he didn't publish his findings.  #We should publish more of our ideas and drafts
Moreover, even if at some point we publish them, it could take years for an idea in our private notes to be published. Of course, we can always share on social media sites individual ideas, but they are not linked and easily connected. 
On the other hand, according to  How to take smart notes (book) , if you take notes in an organised way, you won't start writing articles or books from scratch. You can re-use your notes. 
This makes me think whether making our  note-taking  public would be better than having it private until you have whole articles, scientific papers or books ready to be published. At least for those of us who do not depend on sending non-published work to scientific journals, etc. 
Actually, we're already publishing tons of quick thoughts than ever by means of  Social media , but current social media tools focus on immediacy and are not designed for re-usability — e.g. I'd like to know what people I follow have shared about a city when I am reading or writing about that city. Also, social media does not allow us to extend short notes into longer texts, link them in a graph, etc. 
We use text editors and note-taking apps to do all this in private. Then, we publish posts, books and scientific papers. But many notes take years or centuries to be shared — like in the case of  Leonardo Da Vinci  — if they don't get lost forever. 
What if we took notes and build upon them in the open? We might find that  The solutions to most world problems are out there in pieces
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