Get list of apps: 
  • `gigalixir apps` 
Open a remote console: 
  • gigalixir ps:remote_console 
Get info about an app: 
  • `gigalixir ps --app_name=...` 
Get info about a db: 
  • `gigalixir pg --app_name=...`` 
Make dump of remote db and download (take url from gigalixir pg`): 
Delete local db, recreate, migrate and import dump  #Postgres
  • Option 1: 
    • mix ecto.drop; mix ecto.create; mix ecto.migrate; psql -d local_db_name -f dump.sql 
  • Option 2: 
    • Last time I had some errors and I had to: 
    • mix ecto.drop; mix ecto.create (without running migrations) 
    • cat dump.sql | awk '!/role1/role2/role3/' | psql -U postgres -d wikir_dev -1 -v ON_ERROR_STOP=1 
    • This complained about a foreign key so I had to comment it before starting again Option 2: 
      • -- ALTER TABLE... 
      • -- ADD CONSTRAINT... 
Deploy a local branch to staging: 
  • git push s my_branch:master 
  • gigalixir ps:ssh 
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