Fastjot Vision 

Isaac Asimov  predicted that the Internet would transform  lifelong learning . Everyone would be able to learn anything at any given moment. This would make learning fun. 
The industrial revolution transformed education from one-to-one education to one-to-many. From personal tutors for affluent children to teachers and classrooms for all. 
Tools such as  Wikipedia Google  and  Youtube  are important steps in Asimov's prediction. 
But exposure to information is not enough to learn. We need to take notes, write, make diagrams or mind maps, etc. Because all of us have seen many notes of $10, but we wouldn't be able to draw one. 
The first  scientific journal  dates 200 years after the invention of the  printing press . Despite all technology for this being available. 
We at Fastjot believe that the missing piece to transform lifelong learning and knowledge management is at the intersection of: 
Not only could we all learn 10x while having fun — in the same time we dedicate to consume information — but it would help us as a civilization: 
The biggest problem in the world is not climate change, war or poverty, but how we organise among ourselves to make good decisions and carry them out — Alex Pentland, MIT professor 
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