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By default notes are private. You need to click the button at the top-right corner to change visibility.
Delete the title and then press the key "Delete" again.
It will ask you to press a second time to confirm.
Delete the content and press delete again.
If the paragraph/bullet point has bullet points underneath, it will ask you to press delete a second time to confirm.
At the moment, you need to do it from, but in the future you will be able to do it from Fastjot
Just paste the link of the external image — for example from your dropbox or google drive.
In the future, you'll be able to upload images too.
You can change the text size by starting a line with "# " or "## " or "### "
Click on the comments link under any note and then click on the paragraph where you'd like to add a comment.
Below: Press the key "Shift" + "Arrow Down"
Above: Press the key "Shift" + "Arrow Up"
Every paragraph and bullet point has its own entity and URL.
Press Alt+Click on any line to go to the url of that line.
Indent: Press the key "Tab"
Unindent: Press the keys "Shift" + "Tab"
You can also use # to add a one-word tag. E.g. #Post
Actually, tags are normal links to other notes
Add a link to another note by adding a note between square brakets [[...
As you type (e.g. [[B) you will see options to autocomplete (e.g. Books, provided you already have the note Books)
If you add a link between two square brackets and the note didn't exist, it will be created automatically

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