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Fastjot is a social Zettelkasten. Zettelkasten is a method of knowledge management and note-taking that improves learning and writing. We make it social.

[Notes] aren't a record of my thinking process. They are my thinking process

Richard Feynman
Nobel Prize winner & Professor

Putting notes into the Zettelkasten [...] is like investing and reaping the rewards of compounded interest


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Curiosity-driven education

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Writing fosters learning

We remember what we write. If we don't write an idea, it is probably not clear and we might not be able to explain it to someone else.

Fun & educational

As you write notes about anything that interests you, and you can jump to any other topic at any moment, learning and writing becomes fun.

Save time

If someone asks you something and you write a note or article, next time someone asks you that, you can send them the link.

Give and get feedback under any paragraph

Every paragraph in a note has it's own entity and URL. Comments can be added under any of them.