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Fastjot is a social network that improves lifelong learning, writing and creativity.

Writing down your ideas always makes them more precise and more complete

Paul Graham
Founder of Y Combinator

[Notes] aren't a record of my thinking process. They are my thinking process


1. Networked content goes social

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2. Link notes automagically — or manually

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3. Jot about any page — they get connected

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Learn 10x in community

Writing fosters learning

We remember what we write. If we don't write an idea, it is probably not clear and we might not be able to explain it to someone else.

Jumping to any topic makes learning fun

Reading and taking networked notes lets you jump to any topic at any time — this makes lifelong learning fun and effective.

Connecting ideas improves learning and creativity

You'll appreciate differences and contradictions, identify patterns that generate new ideas and remember old content when it is relevant.

Learning in community motivates

Reading what others are learning and publishing your own findings motivates — and you get early feedback.

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